Learn to Subnet with no binary conversions.

Welcome to practice

Practice allows you to practice your skills on the 4 types of subnetting problems:

Type 0: Simple problems to get you familiar with reading the subnetting chart

Type 1: You are given an IP. Your task is to find the network address and broadcast address.

Type 2: Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) problems. Your task is to create the networks that meet the given requirements. While there may be many different "correct" answers, the site expects you to start at the beginning and allocate the networks sequentially without skipping any space.

Type 3: These problems are just like Type 2 problems, except you have to pay attention where the next network can start. With Type 2 problems the networks get smaller as you go, so you can always start the next network where the previous network ended. That is not the case with Type 3 problems.

A few more things you might need to know about practice:

1. If you are logged in your progress gets tracked and displayed on the stats page.

2. There is instant feedback mode, and regular mode. Instant feedback mode changes the input box background red as soon as you make an error. Regular mode does not tell you if you are correct until you submit your answers. Only regular mode attempts show up in the stats. Also, there is no instant feedback mode for Type 0 problems.